PHYTO 3000, your specialist in traditional chinese phytotherapy.

PHYTO3000® is a French manufacturer of massage oils inspired by Aromatherapy and Traditional Chinese phytotherapy.

Several centuries ago, China invented a legendary balm. After months of research, PHYTO 3000 has developed an optimal formula for this balm. Thanks to the use of advanced processes, we were able to obtain a better penetration of the active ingredients, increasing the comfort of use and the level of performance while respecting its natural character.


At Phyto 3000 we consider that Human balance and nature are essentials. Phytotherapy prevents and cures many health problems with the help of herbal remedies.

Convinced of the benefits of this ancestral medicine with 3000 years of experience, Phyto 3000 wishes to disseminate it to a wide audience by offering qualitative products that respect reference books.

100% natural ingredients

Suppliers are carefully selected by our experienced advisers. Our Baume Rouge and Baume Blanc massage oils are made in France using French raw materials. In order to offer you ideal purchasing conditions and information, Phyto 3000 products are sold in pharmacies and drugstores.

The secret of their efficiency

Liquid Red Balm

A hot maceration of ten fresh plants in virgin sesame oil, then filtered and mixed with a synergy of ten essential oils.


Liquid White Balm

The synergy of essential oils, thanks to their many properties: soothing, relaxing, refreshing provides a feeling of immediate well-being and freshness.

Safety and dermatological tests

All of our products have been dermatologically tested by RDVC produits santé and Eurofins.

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